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Warmachine / Hordes League #2



Warmachine / Hordes 2016 League 2

  • Start Date: Monday, February 29th
  • Entry Fee: $10 per player.
  • Prizes: 100% of the entries will be returned at store credit to the top places. Prize break down will be announced towards the end of the league.
  • Point Level: Games must be played 1v1 and at a minimum of 25 points to qualify for a league game.
  • Faction and Model Legality: Every faction is legal for play. You may change faction game to game. Models that have not been officially released may not be played in league games.
  • Schedule:
    • Week 1: February 29th – March 6th
    • Week 2: March 7th – March 13th
    • Week 3: March 14th – March 20th
    • Week 4: March 21st – March 27th
  • Scoring:
    • Each player may play any number of games each week. You must play at least 2 games for the week to be scored for the league.
    • The Winner of the game will receive 8 points, the loser 4 points. This will be modified by Bonus points, which may change week to week.
    • Final score for the week will be the average of your individual game scores. If you play 4 games in the week, your lowest score will be dropped.
    • Final scoring for the league will take into account the highest 3 week scores of each player.
    • End of League Bonus Points: Completing the following achievements at any point in the league will get you a bonus point to your overall score.
      • Play a game at 25 point, 35 point, 50 point, and 75 point level.
      • Play a 50 point game each week.
      • Bring a new player to Armada Games to play Warmachine / Hordes
    • Scores and Standings will be updated by Wednesday each week.


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