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Warhammer 40k League 4

Start Date: Monday, February 17th 
Entry Fee: $10 per player or a single purchase of $40 or more in Warhammer 40k models between February 10th and March 2nd to get in free.
Prizes: 100% of the entries will be returned at store credit to the top places. Prize break down will be announced at the end of the league. 
Point Level: Games must be played 1v1 and at a minimum of 1500 points to qualify for a league game.
Faction and Model Legality: Every faction is legal for play. You may change faction game to game. Models that have not been officially released may not be played in league games.
Week 1 – February 17th – 23rd 
Week 2 – February 24th – March 2nd 
Week 3 – March 3rd – 9th 
Week 4 – March 10th – 16th 
Each player may play any number of games each week. You must play at least 2 games for the week to be scored for the league.
The Winner of the game will receive 8 points, the loser 4 points. This will be modified by Bonus points, which may change week to week.
Final score for the week will be the average of your individual game scores. If you play 3 games in the week, your lowest score will be dropped. If you play 5+ games, your lowest two scores will be dropped.
Final scoring for the league will take into account the highest 3 week scores of each player.
End of League Bonus Points: Completing the following achievements at any point in the league will get you a bonus point to your overall score.
Play a game at each 1000, 1500, 1850
Play a game at 2500 points
Bring a new player to Armada for Warhammer 40k
Scores and Standings will be updated by Wednesday each week.
Rogue Trader Tournament – We run Rogue Trader Tournaments on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Games played during the Rogue Trader can count for your league games for that week. You must opt in on this at the beginning of the tournament and may not opt in or out later. Your opponent for these games does not need to be involved in the league. If you have a bye during the RTT, it will not count for your league game.
Game Defaults:
Follow the directions for game set up described in the rulebook from page 118 to 130. This includes 
Random Terrain rules will not be used unless both players agree to use them before set up.