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Unstable – Releases Dec 8th



Unstable is Magic: the Gathering’s 3rd Silver Bordered Set! RPTS

For those who were not playing when Unglued and Unhinged released (and that is probably a lot of you since Unhinged released 13 years ago!), Silver bordered cards are silly, wacky, and fun! There are a bunch of mechanics that Wizard’s tests out through Silver Bordered sets. Some of them even make it into regular Magic (I am looking at you Rocket-Powered Turbo Slug)

We are preselling booster boxes of Unhinged at $89.99 through December 6th. While the cards in this set will not be legal in Standard or other constructed formats, you do not want to miss out on this set. Many of these cards would be awesome in a Commander deck (just make sure you clear it with the other players before playing with Silver Bordered cards.

Events for Unstable will be as follows:

Friday Dec 8th through Sunday Dec 10th – we will be running drafts every hour from 1 pm through 8 pm. Each of these drafts will need 6 players to fire. After the 10th, we will be drafting Unstable each Thursday at 7 pm and also whenever we have 6+ players who want to draft. So grab your friends and come up and draft some silver bordered fun!

Each participant in an Unstable draft will receive a promo Earl of Squirrel (while supplies last). And the first 10 people to 3-0 their drafts will receive a poster featuring art based on the cards in the set.


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