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Under New Management – pt 5 – Guild Ball


Under New Management today is going to detail Guild Ball, the game of Mob Football.

Saturday Tournaments

The 1st Saturday of Each month hosts our “Guild Brawl” tournaments.
We follow all of the OP rules from Steam Forged and have a great time kicking some balls around the field.
These are going strong and will not be changing.

Wednesday Night Open Play / Demos

Wednesday nights have been getting better and better each week. Games are getting played, models are getting painted, we hang out late and talk about all features of the game. If you are interested in learning about Guild Ball, Wednesday night is the best time to be in the store.

Team Growth League

Beginning January 25th, we will be starting a new style of League Play for Guild Ball.
The League will run for 4 weeks and will have an interesting take on playing.
During week 1, games will be played with the 3 players from the starter set.
During week 2, you may play with either the starter set or the starter and the mascot.
During week 3, games will be either 3, 4, or 5 players. Games of 4+ players must include the mascot. [No longer restricted to starter characters.
During week 4, games will be played with 3, 4, 5, or 6 players. Games of 4+ players must include the mascot.

Entry fee will be $10.
Prizes will include 100% of the entry fee, trophies, and some alternate sculpts.

The Kick Off – Guild Ball Podcast

Four of our own have been recording a podcast in store. Give it a listen. They talk about Guild Ball from a competitive standpoint and a variety of other topics.

Tokens, Templates, and Whatchamacallits! 

Several months ago, we started making custom tokens, templates, and… well, watchamacallits. Currently we have status tokens that work for Icy Sponge, Poisoned, Bleeding, on Fire, Knocked Down, and wounds. We also have scatter templates, ball and goal themed to each of the guilds.

In the coming months, we are going to be greatly increasing our range of Tokens and Templates. Keep an eye out.

Again, thanks for playing and making Armada Games your place to game!


SFGBBRE01-000_BrewersGuild_small SFGBFIS01-000_FishermanGuild_small

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