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Under New Management – pt 3 – Warmachine / Hordes

warmachine_hordesWarmachine / Hordes has been a big part of miniatures gaming at Armada for several years. Since the release of Mk. 2, Privateer Press has been spot on with producing and improving upon a fantastic game.

As was said in Under New Management pt 1, we are moving forward with a new thought process on our organized play. Here is what we have in mind:

Tuesday Night Open Play

Tuesday nights are strong and robust. If you are looking for a league game or just to get in a random game, Tuesday is the night you want to be here. There are usually 3-5 games going on most of the night.

Saturday Steam Rollers

Second Saturday Steam Rollers are getting a bit of an overhaul. Formats are going to change up from time to time.

There are a couple of fun formats we are planning on running in the upcoming months.

Sunday Steam Rollerssteam roller trophies

The Sunday Steam Rollers have been doing well at 50 points Death Clock. These will remain that way for the foreseeable future. Something being added are the trophies pictured here.

League Play

January 11th will be the start of our next Warmachine League. It will be a modified Journeyman League set up like our “standard” leagues.

The League will run for 4 weeks.
Week 1, games will be played with a selected battle box.
Week 2, games can continue to be played with the battle box or played at 15 points.
Week 3 games are battle box, 15, or 25 points.
Week 4 games can be battle box, 15, 25, or 35 points.

This modified escalation style League will allow players to join the league at any point with a new battle box. There will be bonus points for painting, playing games at each point level, playing battle box games each week and more. Full details on this league will be out next week.

Future leagues will run 4 rounds in duration and have 2-4 weeks between (depending on extenuating circumstances.)

Tokens, Templates, and Doodads! 

Yes, Doodad is a technical term.

Several months ago, we started making custom tokens, templates, and… well, doodads. Currently we have status tokens that work for Frozen / Stationary, Burning, Knocked Down, Corroded, and wounds. We also have made blast rings and objectives themed to each of the factions.

In the coming months, we are going to be greatly increasing our range of Tokens and Templates. Keep an eye out.

Again, thanks for playing and making Armada Games your place to game!



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