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Under New Management – pt 1 – A preview of upcoming news


Another fantastic year is nearly over and it is time for some fresh changes in the way we operate at Armada Games.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens releases next week and we are going with a large number of you to an early screening. This movie night is turning into a first step in a new direction.

There is an abundance of information to give out, too much to put in a single notice. So this is not the mega article that most would skip over, this is a preview. Detailed information will be coming out over the next week or two.

So lets get started…

Tokens, Templates, Trophies, and other fun things

We are now making custom tokens and templates for a variety of our games. Between now and March we are going to be greatly expanding our available pieces and begin offering truly custom pieces for many games. We currently have items available for Warmachine / Hordes, X-Wing, Guild Ball, DragonballZ, and general damage tokens.

mtg_small_featMagic: the Gathering

The updates to Magic are so extensive that they will be in more than one article.
All of the changes, from new format events, PPTQs (our next is on Feb 6th and is Sealed), and a exciting take on a Store Cube are all coming.
This includes a tournament every Saturday afternoon.

Board Games

We will be running new board game focuses events, including an expansion and focusing of our MeetUp nights.
Featured Games will be making a come back as well.

Warmachine / Hordeswarmachine_hordes

Journeyman League will be starting on January 12th and will run for 4 weeks. We will be putting a spin on the traditional Journeyman league.

Star Wars: X-Wingstar wars xwing

Our Thursday tournaments are going to change up a bit in January to match the format of our League starting on January 19th.
Store Champs season is starting next month. Our’s will be held on February 27th, replacing our normal monthly Saturday event.

GB_Logo_BlackGuild Ball

The Guild Brawls are going strong and we are going to have a League starting on January 26th. Again it will have a new take on Leagues.

Star Wars: Armada

Weekly events will start on Sunday January 10th. The 2nd Sunday of the month will be a tournament with the other Sundays being open play and demo days. We will be working on a League Structure for Armada, but it likely wont be implemented until the 2nd run of Leagues in 2016.

Dungeons & Dragons 

Starting on January 6th, Tony will be running Encounters each Wednesday. More information will be in the article next week.

I could go in to a bunch more information. But I will leave you with this teaser; check our webpage daily as we give details for upcoming events, changes to events, and other content that will be announced over the next couple of weeks.



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