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The Times, they are a Changin’


Michael here, coming to you with an update to our store hours that will become effective on May 1st.

After many discussions with our miniatures gamers, we were looking at ways to have the tournaments start a little earlier. We have decided to open the store at 10 am and have the Guild Ball (1st Saturday), Warmachine (2nd Saturday), 40k (3rd Saturday), and X-Wing (4th Saturday) events start at 11 am. This gets the events started and completed 2 hours earlier than normal.

Since we were changing the Saturday hours, we figured it would be a good time to make the Sunday time change official as well. Two Sundays a month we were opening early. Well, we are expanding it to every Sunday. As of May 1st, the store opens at 11 am on Sundays. Kings of War (2nd Sunday) and Warmachine (4th Sunday) tournaments will begin at Noon.

So to sumerize:
Saturdays starting May 7th – Doors open at 10 am, Minis Tournaments start at 11 am
Sundays starting May 1st – Doors open at 11 am, Minis Tournaments start at Noon.

May the dice ever roll in your favor!

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