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Tampa Bay Comic Con - Game Cave Event Details

Tampa Bay Comic Con – Game Cave Event Details

Welcome to Tampa Bay Comic Con and The Game Cave, Presented by Armada Games, Sponsored by Calliope Games, Slugfest Games, and Cheapass Games! We will be hosting a large number of events throughout the weekend. Our goal is to introduce friends and families to the awesome Hobby of Gaming, whether it is board games, miniatures, […]

Kings of War Tournaments and Acrylics

Kings of War Tournaments and Acrylics

Looking for a hobby miniatures game in a High Fantasy setting? Looking for Rank & Flank tactics instead of skirmish lines? Kings of War is the game to play. While new to Armada, Kings of War has been around for about a year. Choose your army from the classics of fantasy. Dwarves, Elves,  Humans, Orcs, […]

The Times, they are a Changin'

The Times, they are a Changin’

Michael here, coming to you with an update to our store hours that will become effective on May 1st. After many discussions with our miniatures gamers, we were looking at ways to have the tournaments start a little earlier. We have decided to open the store at 10 am and have the Guild Ball (1st […]

April Miniatures Tournaments

April Miniatures Tournaments

April 1st is the Fool’s Day. We feel like it could be better. So we are going to be running some fun events all month. Information on these are going to be released over the next two weeks. Today we are starting with the Miniatures events. Guild Ball – April 2nd Every sports league has […]