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Mk3 Journeyman League - Starts July 4th

Mk3 Journeyman League – Starts July 4th

Warmachine / Hordes Mk3 has released to much fanfare here at Armada Games. Our products are updated with the new cards, the new starter sets and the Mk3 Card decks are in and ready for play! So lets play! Journeyman League starts on July 4th and will last for 6 weeks. This league will run […]

WarmaHordes Mk3 Release

WarmaHordes Mk3 Release

If you are into Giant Steam Powered Robots or Massive Monsters, Warmachine / Hordes are the games for you. Choose your faction and Warcaster, assemble your Battle Group and make war for the Glory of your people in this skirmish level, hobby Miniatures game. The newest edition of Warmachine and Hordes releases on  June 29th. […]