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Suit Up part 1: Getting Started in the X-Wing Miniatures Game


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Hello, future dog fighters. This is Ryan, X-Wing TO at Armada Games. Having been playing X-Wing for over two years now, I often field questions on how to get started in the game. The eight waves of ship releases hang on the wall, forming a multicolored conundrum that can be hard to parse, wracking one with indecision. It’s a real thing.

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So, how does one get into X-Wing? The best way to answer this question is to put myself in a scary scenario. My entire X-Wing collection has vanished. Before you ask: No, my kids didn’t eat them or something. There’s too many ships. They’re just gone. A mystery for ages….

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How would I get back in to the game knowing everything I know now? How can two kids eat both the ships and the tackle boxes I store them in? Follow me, if you will, down this dark path. Let’s get into X-Wing.

Step One: Buy a Core Set (or TEN). xwing

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My first purchase should be a core set. There are two to choose from: the original core set and the newer Force Awakens core set. They both come with all of the dice, movement templates, damage deck, and tokens you will need to play the game. They each come with an X-Wing and two TIE Fighters. If you can afford both, grab one of each. The value is insane for the price vs. what you get. But let’s say that’s not on the table. We need to choose one and not be selfish (and still pay bills like a real adult). Hmmm. Decisions.

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I would start with the Force Awakens core set if I had to choose one to have for now. The updated damage deck is kinder to the elite pilots you field in the game. You get behind the sticks of the T-70 X-Wing, which makes notable improvements on the original T-65 we’re all familiar with from the very first wave of the game (and, of course, the movies). The T-70 is much more survivable against heavy fire than it’s classic counterpart and has a more forgiving maneuver dial. Plus: Poe Dameron. Enough said.

You also gain access to two TIE F/O Fighters, which update the old school TIE Fighter in much the same way, while dropping in some new twists. The elite pilots for these ships are made to fly around the board on their own, scoring kills by outmaneuvering their opponent and triggering some rather insane elite pilot abilities, not flying in formation and swarming. They’ll be plenty of time for that later.

We’ll head back and get the classics in a bit, as one steadfast rule of X-Wing is that you can never have enough core sets. The extra dice and backup damage decks are never without their value. Loading up on core sets is also a great way to army build, especially if you’re looking to build up a menacing TIE swarm or get your Epic game on.

Tips and Tricks

A neat way to go core set crazy on a budget is to find someone else who wants to get into the game (or a current player who just needs more ships) and buy a couple or core sets to trade the components. Each player decides with faction they want to focus on building up, and then split both core sets. One player takes the four TIEs and the other takes both X-Wings. Split the upgrade cards as deemed appropriate and there ya go! For the cost of one set each, both players double the amount of ships they own in their chosen faction. VALUE!

Fly It!

Now that you have your shiny core set(s), crack ’em open and fly ’em! One great thing about core sets is that they are super fun to set up with a friend and fly around. One X-Wing versus two TIE Fighters is the classic way that almost everyone who plays X-Wing got started with learning maneuvering tricks and how to not die all the time. There is no substitute for table time. Hours of practice is the only way to fully grasp the potential of any miniatures game. Good thing it’s fun to do, or it might feel like work…

So, you’ve taken the first step in becoming a full blown X-Wing fanatic and in my nightmare scenario world  I have forgiven my children for eating my ships. Things are going well. Next time, we’ll talk about the three factions in the game and what they do, how they play, and figure out how the heck to make more purchasing decisions.

Be sure to check out our very first Suit Up video on YouTube (link here) and take a stroll through the asteroids!

See you next time!

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