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Star Wars: A Night at the Movies



Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Back in May, yes May, we started working on a special event for our players. There was a lot of work put in to it, but we got it approved. The hard part… not saying anything about it until September. Until then, taking over 100 customers, regulars, and friends to see THE movie was the roughest kept secret around here.

We announced the event with our Battle for Zendikar prerelease. From there, 80 more people would be chosen from October and November.

And tonight… tonight made it all worth it.

Once again, we thank our players. It may be hard work getting you all to have fun, but we will continue to do so. For gaming is a worthwhile endeavor, a superior way to spend your time. Armada Games Goes to the Movies is under wraps. And tonight you all made it worth it.

If you did not get to join us, be on the look out for other upcoming events and ways to hang out, have fun, and enjoy the company of good people.


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