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Saturday Magic Tournaments – March


Here is what we are doing for the Saturday Magic Tournaments for the month of March.

March 5th 2 pm – 2HD Giant Battle for Zendikar Block Constructed

Want to highlight those BFZ and OGW cards? Here is your chance. Have a deck for you and one for your partner. Four copies of any non Basic Land card is the max between both decks (no 8x Kalistria Healer allowed here).

March 12th 2 pm – BFZ Block Constructed

Want to play Block constructed but don’t want to play with a partner? Here is your chance. Any card from Battle for Zendikar and Oath of the Gatewatch are legal… and no others!

March 19th 2 pm – Paper Pauper

Legacy Pauper it is! Time to break out those commons!
We will be using the MTGO Banned List for this event. It can be found here

March 26th 2 pm – 3 person Team Standard 

This one is a bit different, but here is how it is going to work.
Each Team will be comprised of 3 people. Each person will have their own Standard Deck. However, the 4x rule applies to all three decks. Just like in 2HD Giant Standard, you cannot run more than 4 copies of any single card among all of the decks.
So get your friends and form your teams. Sign ups will open for this event on March 1st!



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