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Road to Prerelease: Hour of Devastation

Hour of Devastation prerelease weekend fast approaches and Armada Games is going to help some people get their Magic prerelease fix.  Our regularly scheduled Magic events leading up to Hour of Devastation prerelease weekend will feature free entry given away at each event!  From June 27th until July 7th.  All you have to do is enter and be in the event when at the start of round two, when the winner of that events giveaway will be announced as the round starts!  If you win, you can choose which Hour of Devastation prerelease event you wish to attend!


June 27th 7:00pm Draft

June 28th 7:00pm Standard

June 29th 7:00pm Draft

June 30th 3:00pm Draft

June 30th 7:00pm Standard

June 30th 8:30 Draft

July 1st 7:00pm Modern

July 5th 7:00pm Standard

July 6th 7:00pm Draft

July 7th 3:00pm Draft

July 7th 7:00 Standard

Hour of Devastation Prerelease Weekend Schedule:

July 8th (Saturday)
12:10 am Sealed
Noon Sealed
6:00pm Two Headed Giant Sealed

July 9th  (Sunday)

12:10am Sealed
Noon Two Headed Giant Sealed
6:00 pm Sealed

Events per player are $25 for one event or $45 for two events. Bring a friend to take advantage of the savings, or sign yourself up twice!

Each event will be run with 4 rounds of Swiss pairings (you are not eliminated with a loss).
Prizes are as follows:
4-0 10 boosters
3-0-1 7 boosters
3-1 4 boosters
2-x 1 booster.

Sign ups begin June 30th!

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