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New Arrivals – The Week of January 25th

Now in, this week’s new and returning products. We have some great board games and miniatures to share! fusy

First off, three new board games!

Fury of Dracula is an a-symetric deduction game where one player plays Dracula and the rest of the players are hunters. Much in the vein of Scotland Yard, Fury brings a different approach to the “team game”.

Mission Red Planet takes Area Control and Resource management to Mars! Where better to start a mining operation than the barren Red Planet! Can you build the most efficient mines to get the resources to best your rivals?

EPIC! The Shufflebuilding Arena Game from the same creators as Smash UP! Each player selects a Race and a Class and shuffles them up and battles to find out who is the best! Each deck has unique abilities and ways to defeat your enemies! The base box comes with 4 Race decks and 4 Class decks. The expansion comes with 2 more of each!

We received a full restock of the new Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar starter sets. Each of the 12 starters are great for new players and are a fantastic value for experienced players! If you are just starting, or maybe starting a new army, these boxed sets are great places to start.



It is said that is not over until the fat lady sings. Well, this Lady is quite a singer, and she will do her best to sing your guild into defeat. Esters is the Season 2 Captain for the Brewer’s Guild. Offering something completely different from Tapper, Esters opens up completely new team comps and play styles for the Bashy Brew Masters!
Corsair is the most coordinated Pirate to ever wear a peg-leg. While Esters sings, Corsair wants to dance around the pitch and really open up the kicking game for the Fishermen. Offering Sturdy and a Legendary Play that makes it very hard for your opponents to get GuildBall-S2-Fisherman-Corsair_1024x1024the ball from you, Corsair offers more support than Shark to the rest of the team.


New from the Laser Department are Guild Ball Influence tokens! Available for each guild, these fantastic tokens are great for Influence or Momentum tokens for your team. Each is on acrylic that matches the template set already available. Find these on our webstore (link in the header bar) or in store!

alchemists_influence_tokens_1024x1024 fisherman_influence_tokens_1024x1024

Friday we received a massive restock of Bones minis. Whether you need PCs, NPC, Monsters, or just a table and a few benches, Reaper Bones has you covered. There are so many different figures that there has to be something you are looking for… unless that thing is a gelatinous, demonic, half red dragon, kracken…. but we could likely mod one of those…..




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