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Mk3 Journeyman League – Starts July 4th

warmachine_hordesWarmachine / Hordes Mk3 has released to much fanfare here at Armada Games. Our products are updated with the new cards, the new starter sets and the Mk3 Card decks are in and ready for play!

So lets play!

Journeyman League starts on July 4th and will last for 6 weeks.

This league will run for 6 weeks and will follow the format of the Mk3 Journeyman League as laid out by Privateer Press, which can be found at this link ->  Journeyman League Rules

Entry fee is $10.

Prizes will be the Journeyman League Patches, both participation and final standings, store credit, and some goodies, which will be detailed towards the end of the league.

Get your games in each week, get some models painted, and put those new Warcasters and Warlocks to use!


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