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Level up your Board Games – Part 1 – Getting Started


Hello folks!

This is Ryan bringing you the first in a series of articles dedicated to shedding light on the some of the best games to level up your board game night. Each of the games featured here are perfect for introducing new players to the hobby or broadening your burgeoning game collection. Let’s get started!

Splendor (Asmodee)splendor

Splendor is fantastic set collection game with some really interesting action selection mechanics mixed in. Players spend their turn amassing gems in order to buy mines that produce even more gems. Once your engine begins building up steam, you will be able to buy cards that are worth the victory points you will need to win the game. This game is best at 4 players, but can accommodate 2 or 3 players easily.

Hive (Gen42 Games)hive

While a lot of abstract games claim to be analogous with Chess, Hive comes the closest to capturing the elegant, yet deep, feel of one of the world’s oldest games. Two players strive to completely surround their opponent’s Queen tile with other bug tiles. Each type of bug tile has it’s own unique style of movement, immediately testing the strategy and tactics of each player. Hive only accommodates 2 players, which makes it great for a head-to-head duel.

Lanterns: the Harvest Festival (Foxtrot Games)lanterns

A colorful tile laying game set atop a lake of beautiful colored lights, Lanterns: the Harvest Festival brings a unique and addictive feel to the hobby. Players take turns adding one of the tiles in their hands to the growing field of lanterns, each placement giving everyone at the table a benefit in the form of lantern cards. In time, these cards can be exchanged for victory points. Every tile placement is crucial is this game that seats 2 players as comfortably as 4.

The Phantom Society (Iello Games)phantom society

The Phantom Society is a hilariously designed asymmetric team game where half of the players are ghosts, bent on destroying the hotel they inhabit while the other half step into the shoes of the ghost hunters destined to track down the destructive ghosts before they achieve their goal. Logic plays a heavy role in this game as the ghost hunters try to figure out where the ghosts are hiding by the damage they leave behind. Can the ghosts be caught in time or will they succeed?

Kingdom Builder (Queen Games)kingdom-builder-cover

Kingdom Builder is an exceptionally fun area majority game that puts 2 to 4 players in a heated battle to build the best string of settlements possible across a land of vastly changing land types. The hex-based board is built from a completely random assortment of tiles each game, ensuring that you will never play the exact same game twice.

Codenames (Czech Games Edition)


In Codenames, 2 to 8 players work together in teams to seek the identity of spies in the field. This is done by the players using one word clues which may point to many different spots on the board. Each team must strive to avoid picking the wrong agents and select their choices carefully. This is a quick and fun party game designed by Vlaada Chvatil, one of the forefront creators of quality hobby games.

I hope you enjoyed this list of games that will take your game night to the next level! Be sure to keep your eyes open for more Level Up articles in the future and remember: Have fun!

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