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LAMECon 2015


LAMECon is Land o’Lakes’s Anime Convention held at the Land o’Lakes Rec Center on Collier Parkway.

Come join us for fun and games on July 26th 9 am – 7 pm.

Articles and Links 

LAMECon Webpage

LAMECon Facebook Page

Schedule of Events

10 am – Star Wars: X-Wing Learn the Game – Free
11 am – Splendor & Kingdom Builder Learn the Game – Free
Noon – Magic: the Gathering Learn the Game – Free
1 pm – Star Realms & Qwirkle Learn the Game – Free
2 pm – King of Tokyo Learn the Game – Free
3 pm – Magic Origins Booster Draft – $15
4 pm – Cash and Guns & Epic Spell Wars Learn the Game – Free
5 pm – POO! Learn the Game – Free

Descriptions of the Games

King of Tokyo

Kaiju meets Yahtzee in this fantastic game of Monsters battling over the city of Tokyo! Great for 2-6 players, ages 6+, King of Tokyo combines just enough strategy into a dice rolling game to be a fun game for all ages.

Nuts! / Poo!

When you are playing games, sometimes you are building a vast empire and conquering the world. Other times you are exploring a creepy old house in a very Scooby Doo manner… sometimes you are just playing a Monkey throwing POO! Poo and Nutz are fantastically silly games that are great cool downs between more mentally intense games. In Poo! you are a monkey flinging poo. In Nutz! you play a squirrel hording Nutz. Very straight-forward, very fun, and fast games to play while trying to figure out who is going to pay for dinner. 2-6 players, age 6+


Winner of the Mensa Select Award in 2007, Qwirkle is one of the core Abstract Strategy Games. Much like Scrabble, players gain points by playing tiles into a growing board. There are six colors and six symbols and every line in the game can only contain a single color or symbol. Good for 2-4 players, age 10+.


A New Standard in Gate-way Board Games, Splendor combines a very simple rule set with a variety of ways to win. Collect Gems to build mines to draw the interest of the Nobles in this resource management game that is all about the quality of your game. 2-4 players, age 10+

Star Realms

Designed as a Head-to-Head Deck Building Game, Star Realms breaks the mold of most other Deck Building Games as it is balanced for two players. Recruit Bases and Star Ships to make your deck better so you can eliminate your