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Kings of War Roars and War Horns League 1

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kow2Welcome to our first League for Kings of War! This league will follow the rules for a Roars and War Horns league written by Tim K.

Start Date: Aug 23rd
Entry Fee: $10
Duration: 6 weeks
Faction: Pick one faction and build it up over the league

Week Total Points Scenarios
One: Aug 23rd – 29th – 500 Points – Scenario: Kill!
Two: Aug 30th – Sept 5th – 750 Points – Scenario: Kill!, Dominate!
Three: Sept 6th – Sept 12th – 1,000 Points – Scenario: Kill!, Dominate!, Pillage!
Four: Sept 13th – Sept 19th – 1,375 Points – Scenario: Kill!, Dominate!, Pillage!, Invade!
Five: Sept 120th – Sept 26th – 1,750 Points – Scenario: Kill!, Dominate!, Pillage!, Invade!, Loot!
Six: Sept 27th – Oct 3rd – 2,000 Points – Scenario: Kill!, Dominate!, Pillage!, Invade!, Loot!, Kill and Pillage!

Over the course of the 6 week league, each player will represent a faction. The first week we will be playing 500 pt games, a perfect level for introduction to the game. Each week, the points will increase as will the scenario selection. Join your fellow commanders in battle to see who can be crowned Supreme Captain.

Each player can score 4 games per work, but is able to play as many as you are able. Each player will get 3 points for a win, 2 points for a draw, and 1 point for a loss. The sum of these points is that player’s Battle Score.

You also get Hobby Points for painting your models per this scale:
Legion earns 4 HP
Horde earns 3 HP
Regiment earns 2 HPkow1
Troop, earns 1 HP
Characters, Heroes, Monsters, and War Engines are each worth 2 points

Unit Cost , type, and basing will also factor in as bonus points for each model:
150-200 point Unit: +1 HP
201-250 point Unit: +2 HP
251-300+ point Unit: +3 HP
Unit Basing: +1 HP.

Add your Battle Points and Hobby Points together to get your final score.

Prizes will be given out for overall position, Battle Points, and Hobby Points. Each player can only claim on position for prizes but can claim any or all of the titles.

Sign ups start on Monday, Aug 22nd

Prepare your minions, the drums of war have sounded!

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