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Kings of War Tournaments and Acrylics

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Looking for a hobby miniatures game in a High Fantasy setting? Looking for Rank & Flank tactics instead of skirmish lines? Kings of War is the game to play. While new to Armada, Kings of War has been around for about a year.

Choose your army from the classics of fantasy. Dwarves, Elves,  Humans, Orcs, Goblins and Ogres are in attendance. As are the Trident Realms and the Nightstalkers, two factions that are looked up on with horror by their enemies.

The rules are clean and straightforward. The strategies are where the game is.

Join us on Tuesday nights 7 pm to close for a demo or full game.
Tournaments are on the 2nd Sunday of each month at Noon.

Are you ready to roll some dice and play to become the King of War?

Check out our webstore for some sweet acrylic and wooden tokens and MDF Bases (great for scenic bases) that make the game easier to play.

Want to link up with some other Kings of War Players in the area? Join this Facebook Group and start a conversation.


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