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Guild Ball New Releases – Dec 11th




It is time for some more Season 2 releases from Steam Forged Games!


Sporting the best hat of any Guild Ball Player, Harry is a Union Player who is favorable to Alchemists, Brewers, Butchers, and Engineers.

Hoist joins the Engineer’s as a solid construct. Reanimate, Tough Hide, and Sturdy help make Hoist the carry that Engineer’s need midfield. Add in True Replication, an ability only seen on Midas so far, and Hoist will have no issues carrying the team to victory! Update: Hoist release date has been pushed back to Dec 18. 

Venin is a strong Midfielders for the Alchemists. Sporting 3 abilities to give models poison (including himself…), and then being able to follow that up with Bleed as well, Venin is going to add a lot to the Alchemist’s condition game.

These models are available for preorder today both in our Webstore (link above) and in store! They release on Dec 11th, 2015.


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