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WH40k: Fate of Konor Summer Campaign

July 27, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – September 6, 2017 @ 11:00 pm
WH40k:  Fate of Konor Summer Campaign

Welcome to the Fate of Konor Campaign. It will last 6 weeks starting on July 27th.

How do I take part in the fight at Armada Games?

  1. Find an opponent
  2. Choose a side (if you both choose the same side roll off to determine faction)
  3. Fight
  4. Report your results on your Armada Games Fate of Konor record sheet.

How does this affect the fate of the Konor system?

Each week (Wednesday Night) we will total the Victory Points (VP) per side. The faction with the most VP will determine if Armada Games reports Chaos or Imperial for the week. GW will then tally results and we determine the fate of the planet being fought over.
What points can I score?

Each victory for your chosen faction will generate 2 VP. Furthermore if you fielded a unit/units from the theme you score double points (4 VP). For example, week one if you field all units included in a “getting started” box set, a victory will earn your faction 4 VP!


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Can I score points in other ways?

Yes! You can also score points for painting. Each datasheet that you paint and bring in is worth 1 VP. If you paint a unit/units from the week’s theme you score double (2 VP). For example if you paint a data sheet from the getting started box set, you score 2 VP for your faction, that’s as much as a victory! (Note the theme need only be completed on its week, not started AND completed)

Weekly Themes

Week 1: Start Collecting
Week 2: Elites
Week 3: Vehicles
Week 4: Psykers
Week 5: Fast Attack and Flyers
Week 6: Terrain and Lords of War


How can others know of my deeds?

Included on your Armada Games Fate of Konor record sheet will be 5 category’s, below are the numbers you can track to earn these achievements for the Fate of Konor Campaign.

Fighter Ace
Record the number of Battlefield Role Flyer’s you destroy with your own Battlefield Role Flyer.

Lord of War
Record the number of Battlefield Role Lord of War you deployed.

Master of the Warp
Record the number of Psychic powers you successfully cast during your game

Tank Commander
Record the number of Key Word Vehicles you deployed.

Tank Hunter
Record the number of Key Word Vehicles you destroy during your game

In addition to these there will be:

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Luckiest Shot
Judged on the last week, each week record what you feel was your luckiest shot of the week, will it be a lone Scouts bolt pistol taking the final wound from Warhound, or will it be a basilisk one Shoting a Storm Raven, tell us your story!

Best Painted Army
Judged on the last weekend of the campaign (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

Best New Army
Judged on the last weekend of the campaign (Army Started no more than a month before the campaign start (July 27th))

Best Warlord
Awarded to the most VP accumulated during the campaign

Total Victory
Awarded to the most wins during the campaign

Anything Else?

Players fighting games in the store will be eligible for a Fate of Konor token set and faction wrist band, a weekly Stratagem as well as a weekly Planetary Pin, while supplies last.

Players that paint 6 units and play 6 in store games will be able to pick a Deathguard or Ultramarine dice bag, while supplies last.

And that’s it, no entry fee, just come out and play. Any questions feel free to contact Kenneth Wasson or any store employee with questions.



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