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D&D Adventurers League

June 16, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Armada Games
10910 N 56th St
Temple Terrace, FL 33617
Armada Games


Welcome to the Armada Games Dungeons and Dragons Adventures League.

Adventurers League is a way of playing Dungeons and Dragons using modules supplied by Wizards of the Coast in a global campaign. Players make characters following simple rules outlined in the Adventurers League Players Guide. These characters are legal in Adventurers League games played anywhere. As characters complete adventure modules, their progress is tracked on a simple Adventurers League Log Sheet. This sheet tracks the characters experience, wealth, magical gear, and any other significant occurrences which happen to the character.

Each adventure module is scaled to fit a group of four to seven players of a set level range. Typically that level range is 1st – 4th or 5th – 10th. An adventure will follow a story that will in some way play into the larger theme of the season. Characters can play most of the adventures in any order.

Adventurers League will run on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday evening starting at 7:30 pm and lasting for 2 – 3 hours. Each evening will have two tables available for play.

Sign-ups will be posted in store several weeks ahead of play. To sign up to play in an Adventurers League module simply come to the shop ahead of time and put your name down in an open spot on the day you would like to play. A person may sign themselves and one additional person up. Sign-ups will not be accepted over the phone. Don’t forget to check to see that it is an adventure you have not yet played. While you are allowed to play the same adventure with a different character, if you sign up for an adventure you have already participated in, that sign up will be treated as tentative, and if a player who has not played that adventure before wishes to sign up, they will be given the spot.

The overall goal of Adventurers League at Armada Games is to provide a fun environment to explore the hobby of role playing, through Dungeons and Dragons. To teach the mechanics of the game, and the concepts of good, fun role playing, while helping to forge the next wave of story tellers and dungeon masters.

There is no fee for this event, but there is a perk. You can, once per session, present a receipt for $5 or more spent at Armada that day to either Gain Advantage on a test or remove Disadvantage on a test.

We will also need players who are willing to run tables. Do you like being the Dungeon Master? Well, we need you! Contact the store and talk to Mike.

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