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April Miniatures Tournaments


April 1st is the Fool’s Day. We feel like it could be better. So we are going to be running some fun events all month. Information on these are going to be released over the next two weeks. Today we are starting with the Miniatures events.

Guild Ball – April 2nd

Every sports league has a draft. And it is about time to get one in as well. For April, we are going to be doing a draft event.
At the beginning of the event, draft order will be randomized and we begin picking models starting with Captains, then mascots, then others.

Ever wonder what Stave could do with Ox? How about Obulous and Siren? The possibilities are limitless.

Warmachine – April 9th 

Lets get ready to rumble! We will not be wrestling, but will be playing a Tag Team event. That means you will have a team mate and both of you will be playing. Each of you will make a 50 point roster, but you will need to do it together to get the full effect.

Warhammer 40k – April 16th

Ever want to field Tau and Tyranid together? What about Space Wolves and Deamons? Well, in Unbound you can. And that is the format for this event. Make a roster of 2000 pts. Ignore those pesky rules about Murder Claws are for Space Wolves only. Pick the units you want to play and put them together. But keep it at 2000 pts.

Star Wars: X-Wing – April 23rd 

What would happen if the Emperor were to get on Dash’s ship? Think it would be powerful? Well, here is your chance to find out. We are playing 100 pt Unfactioned event. So get your cross faction list building hats on, it is time for some insanity.

Yes this is just a teaser. More information will be coming out in the next few weeks. You will have plenty of time to prepare!

Our Sunday Miniatures tournaments are going to be normal format. We recently started Armada, Imperial Assault, and Kings of War. We would like to get these games settled into the events before we mess with the formats. The Sunday Warmachine event is for Competitive style games / practice and will be maintained as such.

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