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A new Friday Night Magic format, Frontier (aka Postmodern)

Welcome to a new kind of Friday Night Magic event.  For the past 10 years Armada Games has set the standard in Tampa for Friday Night Magic Standard Constructed.  Over the years players have made and battled with many deck types.  Now we are proud to introduce a new format that is gaining traction around the globe, Frontier!  Frontier is a format like Modern, which has a non rotating set list.  Frontier however does not go as far back as modern, and is quite accessible to anyone looking to play magic right now, but who wants to use a larger card pool than Standard allows, or who does not like the idea of rotations.  Frontier includes sets from M15 forward.  There is currently no banned list within this block of sets, so if it is printed it is playable.  Masterpiece series cards do not count for legality.  Magic Origins Sample Decks, Welcome 2016 Expansions, and Plansewalker Decks (not duel decks, but the ones that released starting with Kaladesh) are legal in the format as well.

Sets legal:

M15, Khans of Tarkir, Fate Reforged, Dragons of Tarkir, Magic Origins, Battle for Zendikar, Oath of the Gate Watch, Shadows over Innistrad, Eldritch Moon, and Kaladesh.

Round and Prize Structure:

Four rounds Swiss, prizes based on results.

Every entry gets one booster pack.  Every match win gets one additional booster pack.  Players who win no matches get one additional booster pack.  Prizes may be claimed at any point during the event that a player wishes to drop, or at the end of the event.

Frontier events will begin Friday December 16th at 7:00pm and will be our Friday Night Magic event!

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